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1911 Census County Mayo
Cuilkillew County Mayo 1911 Census Data
Cum Lahardane
Cum Lahardane County Mayo Ireland Heads of Household 1911 Census
John Hooks   
John Browne   
Matthew Leonard   
Thomas Browne   
Patrick Munnelly   
Stephen Loftus   
David Donohoe   
Patrick McHale   
Mary McHale   
Mary McAndrew                         Thomas McAndrew 
Patrick Cawley   
John Leonard   
Peter Naughton   
Patrick McHale   
Thomas McHale   
Thomas McAndrew                      Thomas McAndrew and John McHale
Selected Families  Cum Lahardane 1911 Census
Patrick McHale head 65 farmer single Brother of William McHale of Avoca PA
Walter McHale brother 63 farm servant widowed Brother of William McHale of Avoca PA
Mary McHale head 56 farmer single Sister of William McHale of Avoca PA
Patrick McHale            head 73 farmer, ex teacher
Anne McHale              wife 63  married  42 years 9 children, 9 living
Michael McHale          son 33 farmer son single
Patrick McHale           son 31 ex teacher single
John Matthew McHale son 28 tailor single deaf and dumb
Bridget McHale           daughter 26  single

David Donohoe head 56 farmer married
Ellen Donohoe wife 51  married 13 years, 4 children, 3 living
Bridget Donohoe daughter 20  single   Bridget died on the Titanic with a group of young people from Addergoole Parish
John Donohoe son 16  single
Honoria Donohoe daughter 12  single
Ellen Donohoe daughter 10  single - Ellie Donohoe married Michael McHale cousin of Patrick, Mary, Walter, Wm McHale, Martin & Michael
Kate Donohoe daughter 8  single
Thomas McHale head 41 shop keeper and land valuer married
Kate McHale wife 31  married 3years  2 children, 2 living
Mauria Josephine McHale daughter 2
Patrick Joseph McHale son 1
Mary Kate McHale  18 servant single
Matthew Leonard head 52 farmer married
Margaret Leonard wife 56  married 20 years no children
James Leonard nephew 19 farm servant single