McHale Y-DNA Project
Records obtained from Mormon Church Family History Center microfilm unless otherwise noted.

Adults in this family group who lived in Cum at the same time and were born between c.1820 and c. 1835 are: Ned, Patrick, Bridget, Mary (spinster), Anthony (moved from Cum to Lahardaun), William, John (moved to Aghaloonteen), and Honor.

My greatgrandparents William and Honor McHale (not the same Honor McHale who lived in Cum) told their family in the US that the McHales in Cum were all related. It is conceivable that the adults listed above were siblings with possibly some first cousins. Unfortunately, the Tithe Applotment records only recorded "Walter McHale and Co.", lumping the families there at that time together, so we don't know how many adult McHales were in Cum during that earlier period. It could have been Walter and a brother, with Anthony and John who moved to Cum the son's of the brother of Walter.

The Tithe Applotment records (c. 1815-1825) reflect the following for Cum: John Moghan, Walter MacHale and Co., Dennis Sheridan, and John Mangan.

Honor McHale McDonagh and the spinster Mary are assumed to be sisters since Honor's son David Donohue registered Mary's death as her nephew. David's daughter Ellie Donohue McHale discussed the family relationship between her husband's mother's McHale family and the family of William McHale and Bridget Moran of Cum with my uncle William Gilroy, greatgrandson of William McHale and Bridget Moran.

There is also a 70 year old John McHale (wife Mary) living in Lahardaun in the 1901 census. He would have been born approximately 1830; he is of the same family as Anthony McHale born c. 1830 who moved to Lahardaun (information obtained from family still in Lahardaun). The family moved to Lahardaun sometime after Griffiths valuation (1840s). Anthony's daughter Mary was born in Lahardaun in 1850 according to parish records. Anthony's land in Cum was sold to a Michael McHale (according to valuation records - perhaps it was Michael McDonagh husband of Honor McHale - and then went to David Donohue (son of Michael McDonagh) to Ellen Donohue (widow) to Michael McHale Sr (husband of Ellie Donohue McHale) to his widow Mrs. Ellen McHale Sr.

Estimated birth years are of the adult McHale, using 20 years of age as a rule of thumb for the marriage or recorded birth of first child.

DateEst McHale Birth Yr FatherMotherTownlandSponsorSponsorChildComment
9/19/18401820McHale, Ned (Edmund?)McHale, MaryCumMcHale, AnthonyMcHale, EllenMcHale, Patrick -
11/21/18451825McHale, PatrickNaughton, MaryCumJames NaughtonMary NaughtonJames -
1/?/18451824McHugh, BrianMcHale, BridgetCumMcHale, WilliamCorcoran, BridgetMcHugh, ThomasBrian McHugh and Bridget McHale married 1844
6/14/1846 - McHugh, BrianMcHale, BridgetCumMcHugh, JamesMcHale, AnnMcHugh, Ann? -
8/14/1848 - McHugh, BrianMcHale, BridgetCumMcHale, WilliamMcHale, MaryMcHugh, Brian -
1821 - - McHale, Mary Cum - - - lives alone (in Griffiths) 1840s David Donohoe reported the death of elderly spinster Mary McHale of Cum as her nephew; obtained death registration from Registry Office Castlebar
18461826McHale, WilliamMoran, BridgetCum - - McHale, Patrick 1901 Census & family correspondence; father William's mother was a Mangan
12/24/1848 - McHale, WilliamMoran, BridgetCumBarrett, ThomasMcHale, HonorMcHale, WalterWalter is reported as a widower in the 1911 County Mayo census
12/1/1850 - McHale, WilliamMoran, BridgetCumDonelly, William???ally, CeciliaMcHale, Michaelemigrated to USA; settled in Denver area
1855 - McHale, WilliamMoran, BridgetCum - - McHale, Mary1901 Census and family correspondence Grandmother Bridget McHale Gilroy corresponded with Mary in Cum for many years
10/10/1856 - McHale, WilliamMoran, BridgetCumMcHale, PatrickMangan, BridgetMcHale, Martin emigrated to USA, settled in Denver area
7/5/1859 - McHale, WilliamMoran, BridgetCumMcHale, PatrickLavelle, BridgetMcHale, William William married Honor McHale in Wilkes Barre PA in August 1886; he died in 1904 in Avoca PA USA
3/3/1850 1830McHale, AnthonyMcHale, Mary*LahardaunMadden, JamesMcHale, BarbaraMcHale, Mary(previously lived in Cum,Griffiths); *sister of Fr Patrick McHale of Lahardane
9/26/1854 - McHale, AnthonyMcHale, Mary LahardaunMcHale, RichardMcHale, BridgetMcHale, Anthony -
12/11/18551831McHale, JohnFlanagan, Catherine CumMcHale, JohnFlanagan, AnneMcHale, Bridget moved to Aghaloonteen - other children born to John and Catherine Flanagan born in Aghaloonteen; John and Catherine 70 years old 1901 census Aghaloonteen
1/20/1857 - McHale, JohnFlanagan, CatherineNone ShownMcHale, JohnFlanagan, AnneMcHale, Bridget -
2/18/1855 marriageMcDonagh, Michael McHale, HonorCumMcDonagh, Michael McHale, Ellen - -
18551835McDonagh, MichaelMcHale, HonorCum - - Donohue, Davidcensus and information from daughter Ellie Donohue McHale, provided to William Gilroy